Economical Radiator Covers and Baseboard Heater Covers

Turn an radiator into a decorative accessory! Econo-Cover offers the greatest value for your home improvement dollar, with low-cost radiator covers for every steam radiator or baseboard heater!


  • These handsome metal radiator covers protect people and their pets from exposed hot radiators.
  • They conserve energy by directing heat into the room's comfort zone, and away from windows and walls.
  • Econo-Cover low cost radiator covers prevent drafts and cold spots, so rooms are more comfortable all winter long.
  • They also protect draperies, wall coverings and furnishings from dust.
  • And, they create instant shelf space!
  • Econo-Cover radiator covers and baseboard heater covers have a mar-resistant, fade-resistant powder-coated finish that's the most durable in the industry.

Fast ordering now in 6 versatile, standard colors;
unlimited custom colors, too!

Decorative Metal Radiator Covers

Radiator Cover or Baseboard Heater Cover Econo-Cover is an accredited business of the better business bureau. We know how to cover radiators!