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How To Measure Your Radiator Cover ...

Since you will be measuring your own Econo-Cover radiator covers, please read the following instructions carefully.

You will need the length, height and depth of your radiator. Then to each of these figures, add at least one inch for clearance. Measure two or three times to be sure your numbers are accurate. REMEMBER: Econo-Cover radiator covers are custom cut for you and are not returnable.

Radiator or Baseboard Heater Cover
(see diagram A)

Measure beyond pipes and valves at both ends.
Add a minimum of one inch.

HEIGHT (see diagram B)

Measure from the floor to the top of the radiator or valve (in open position),
whichever is higher.
Add a minimum of one inch.

DEPTH (see diagram C)

Measure the depth of the radiator at its deepest point
(usually, but not always, the radiator feet).
Add a minimum of one inch.

How To Measure Enclosures For Radiators
Custom Radiator Enclosures

We suggest you add a minimum of 1 inch to the length, height, and depth of your radiator's dimension, but adding 2 inches might be safer. A radiator enclosure / cover that is a little large will slip on easily and look great!  An enclosure / cover too small will not go on at all!

Econo-cover radiator covers